Ice Hockey Sock Sizing & FAQs

Q. What size should I order?

A. This typically depends on how tall you are, but here are some basic hockey sock sizing guidelines:

20" - 22" Small - Generally 4-7 Yrs Old - Mini-Mites/Mites

24" - 25" Medium - Generally 8-11 Yrs Old - Squirts Some PeeWees

28" Large - Generally 12-15 Yrs Old - PeeWees, Bantams and small Midgets

30" - 32" X-Large - Bantam/Midget/Adults (A good standard is if you are taller than 6', order X-Large, if you are shorter than 6' order Large)

Q. Are socks sold as singles or pairs?

A. All socks are sold in pairs.

Q. Mesh or Knit?

A. Mesh socks provide the more modern pro player look and are more durable; however, they come at a higher price. Knit socks are a fraction of the cost and can be produced to order much quicker for more urgent needs.

Q. Are there discounts for teams and clubs (multiple teams)?

A. Yes, we specialize in team orders. You will see a tiered quantity discount matrix on each sock product page that clearly lays out the discounts for buying in bulk. If your needs are far outside of our matrix, Contact Us and we may be able to go lower.

Q. Can socks be shrunk or shortened?

A: Yes and no. Mesh socks can be rolled up and under at the bottom of the socks. Classic knit socks can be put in the dryer for about 5 minutes on medium to high heat and they will shrink some since they are roughly half cotton.

Q. Do you offer custom socks?

A. We can produce custom socks for mesh style socks for quantities of 12 or more. We can produce single pair custom socks for any knit styles. If interested, please Contact Us with your specifications.

Q. Do you ship outside of the U.S. and Canada?

A. We can, but our shipping platform does not always provide the most cost effective quote. Please Contact Us and we can probably offer a better option.

Q: Do NHL players wear knit socks?

A. No, NHL and most pro hockey league have been wearing mesh hockey socks since the early 2000's.

Q. What sets different brands apart

Modelline - Produces knit socks to order with a fast turnaround. Modelline is the best choice when you have a tight deadline for knit socks. Modelline offers the largest selection of knit socks. Made in Canada.

Athletic Knit (AK-Knit) - Has a vast selection of sock patterns and produces high quality durable mesh socks. Back-orders are fulfilled within a 7-10 day timeframe. AK-Knit is the best brand to order mesh socks from in North America due to their on-site production in Canada. Less expensive mesh socks made overseas can take 3-4 months to fill back-orders.

K1 Sportswear - K1 offers a wide variety of knit socks, including collegiate teams and vintage patterns. They make custom mesh socks as needed. Please Contact Us with custom specifications.