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ProFormance BASE Hockey Stick Wax - PSH Sports

ProFormance BASE Hockey Stick Wax

  • 999 USD

Apply directly over PF Stick Tape to waterproof tape and prevent snow/ice build up. Minimum tackiness.

PF Performance Base is the first step in the ProFormance Puck Control Process and offers superior adhesion to tape or directly to the blade. This wax was specially formulated to act as a protection layer for the stick and tape, meaning that is prevents snow and ice from building up on the blade while waterproofing the tape.

PF Performance Base makes tape more durable so players can use the same tape for multiple ice sessions. This wax goes on smoothly and works its way into the tape after a couple hours of use. Because of PF Performance Base’s unique formula, our other waxes adhere to it easily and form a bond that makes the tackiness last much longer than generic paraffin waxes.

PF Performance Base can be used by itself if players want to protect their tape and blade without adding extra tackiness.

  • Waterproofs tape
  • Prevents snow and ice b

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