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Labeda Cross ABEC-7 Wheel Bearings - PSH Sports

Labeda Cross ABEC-7 Wheel Bearings

  • 3999 USD

  • Removable Stainless Steel Shields for easy maintenance
  • Removable High Strength Nylon Retainer
  • Surfaces polished to high Micron finish
  • Deep Race Grooves for maximum stability and speed
  • Raceways and Balls made of high grade chrome steel
  • Raceways and Balls are heat treated and honed for optimum hardness and superior durability
  • Lubricated with a special synthetic speed lube that improves the life of the bearing
  • Package Includes: 16 pre-lubed ABEC Rated Bearings and High Speed Lubricant
  • ABEC-7 - Increased performance and speed

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