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Crescent Moon Gold 15 Backcountry Women's Snowshoes - PSH Sports

Crescent Moon Gold 15 Backcountry Women's Snowshoes

  • 25900 USD

The Crescent Moon Gold 15, built for women and their gear weighing up to 200lbs, is uniquely designed for backcountry conditions. The tapered tail and steep nose design allows for a natural stride but with a surface area that supports you on or off the trail. We’ve increased the durometer, or stiffness of the polymer used and the result is an enhanced SPL binding system which in combination with the under-foot stabilizer provides even greater control and maneuverability. Like all the Crescent Moon snowshoes, the teardrop shape is a more athletic design than any other brand available and will provide you with a better snowshoe experience because of it.

  • 4.2 lbs/pair Recommended for women snowshoers up to 200 lbs
  • 9.5 x 29 in, exaggerated tear drop shape
  • SPL binding system which provides a perfect fit
  • 3 stainless steel crampons
  • Spectacular Sapphire frame color
  • Women’s Backcountry Snowshoes


Crescent Moon Snowshoes are left and right specific – the adjusting buckles, including the ratcheting heel buckle will always be on the outside of your foot for easy access.

  1. Center your foot in the binding before you make any adjustments
  2. First adjust the length of the heel strap with the cinch buckle located at the instep side of each foot. (you will only need to do this step once) Tuck excess strap into strap keeper.
  3. Wrap the heel strap around your heel and put the ratchet buckle on the plastic ladder strap. “Ratchet” toward the front of your foot with a forward back motion of the lever until snug.
  4. Pull upward on the large loop strap over your foot until comfortably snug.

To take off your snowshoes, pinch the release of the ratchet buckle mechanism and slide toward the back of your foot until completely disengaged. Pull upward on the mini cord loop over your foot to loosen straps and step out.

Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

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