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CCM RibCor 44K Composite Hockey Stick - Junior

  • 5999 USD


  • Easy-to-load shaft construction
  • Low kickpoint for quick loading
  • Power taper for more efficient energy transfer
  • SXX Blade to get shot off fast
  • Weight: 570 grams
  • Construction: Easy to load technology - A unique stiffness profile that mirrors the RIBCOR shaft
  • Blade: SXX Blade - Blade's stiffness profile goes from stiff in the heel to extra stiff in the toe to get that shot off quickly
  • High loading ratio: A power taper ratio of 3:1 - More vertical stiffness means less energy wasted down into the ice, all your effort goes into fully loading the stick
  • Kick point: Low kick point - The stick will load very easily for that quick and suprising release
  • Length: 50"
  • Flex: 50

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